Ag Loans

Agricultural Real Estate Loan

Agricultural Real Estate loans are primarily for the purchase, refinancing or improvement of real estate property such as construction financing for expansion purposes.  These loans can be for the small family farm to large corporations for production agriculture including dairy, cash crop, custom work, etc.   

Agricultural Personal Property Loan

Agricultural Personal Property Loans are primarily for the purchase or refinancing of equipment, machinery and livestock.   

Agricultural Revolving Line of Credit

Agricultural Revolving Line of Credit loans are set up for a predetermined amount which can be borrowed, repaid and borrowed again up to an aggregate set amount.  Funds used for operating expenses or seasonal purchases repaid within a year.  The line typically must be cleared annually for thirty consecutive days.  

Other Agricultural Programs

Wisconsin Housing and Economic Development Authority crop loans are normally for twelve months with monthly installments to pay the loan off within that period.
The loan is 90% guaranteed by WHEDA to allow farmers access to credit to meet their spring operating needs.  Other WHEDA and FSA financing products are also available.

Milk Check Assignments can be established so the loan payment comes directly to our bank from the milk company.   The payment is deducted from the milk check proceeds either monthly or semi-monthly.  This automatic payment option ensures that loan payments are made on time.